On October 31, Professor Ferenc Krausz paid a visit to Transcarpathia in order to meet with teachers and students who are actively engaged in the “SKOLA+” educational project. This initiative is made possible through our partnership with the NGO “Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation”.

During his visit, Professor Krausz had the opportunity to personally engage with the two schools involved in the initial phase of the project. He had productive conversations with both students and teachers, observed several classes, and personally delivered S4P’s additional equipment for the enhancement of future SKOLA+ classes.

Furthermore, Professor Krausz participated in an inspiring endeavor organized by the members of the Student government members of the Ivan Franko Lyceum in Bakosh. Together, they inaugurated the "Alley of Unity" within the village, symbolizing a strong sense of togetherness and community.

In addition to these activities, Professor Krausz and the dedicated team from the NGO "Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation" paid a visit to a volleyball training session aimed at local youth. This session was conducted by a teacher-coach who had been internally displaced from the Kherson region of Ukraine. Science4People, in collaboration with our local partners, is committed to continuing our support for sports clubs, catering to both children and adults. This includes a wide range of sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football.