On April 26, an evening fundraiser was held at the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC to raise donations and support the education of children in war-torn Ukraine and provide them with important resources. The event was jointly organized by the aid organizations Together for others and the Azar Foundation for Children of the world. In this context, Science4People was brought on board as a strategic partner organization with its SKOLA+ program. Adrienn Dávid, Deputy Chair of S4P, describes her impressions in the following:

The charity gala was hosted by the Embassy of the Czech Republic and was attended by 8 other countries: Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Estonia.

The event was supported by the presence of some well-known people form the culture and music scene. Among the guest speakers was a 14-year-old girl from Kharkiv, Yeva Skalietska, who has written a book (“You don’t know what war is”) about her escape with her grandmother from the russian terror and how she lived through it.

For me, one of the most precious moments of the evening was meeting Audrina and Armon Mafi in person, as they volunteered to help us a few months ago. In their free time they teach online English lessons to Ukrainian children as a side project of SKOLA+.

In his speech, Ferenc Krausz told the story of the founding of S4P and presented our current and most important project SKOLA+. He detailed the main objective of the project, which is to improve and support learning and educational opportunities for school students and teachers in rural and near-frontline areas who are most in need.
At the end of his speech, he thanked Audrina and Armon for their extraordinary volunteer work, invited them to the stage and as a token of our gratitude, we presented them with a drawing made by the SKOLA+ team from Marhanets.

The people attending the gala all expressed their support and solidarity for Ukraine and appreciation for the very important work we do for Ukrainian children and young people in Ukraine.