science is the greatest collective endeavour of modern times. Science is inclusive, and knows no borders. We, scientists, and all those feeling a responsibility for and contributing to its thriving – regardless of background, ethnicity, colour, age, gender, religion or political affiliation – are part of this endeavour. We share a responsibility for a prosperous civilization. One that provides everyone with the right and access to education.

At present, this very access is severely compromised in Ukraine, in many ways: a shortage of educators, schools turned into shelters, closed universities. By children, teenagers, and students deprived of their homes. A whole generation is – at this moment – being deprived of high-quality education and recreation, essential elements of personal development.

The rise of a country is tied to the prospects offered to future generations; prospects for good education and health, for strong communities, for good life. S4P aims to support projects of local communities within Ukraine. Projects that address immediate needs and create lasting value. And nurture hope for a better future.

Our first projects will help about 30 children who lost their homes in East Ukraine and just found shelter in the elementary school of Bakosh, a small village in West Ukraine. More than 300 original pupils of this school, who currently cannot attend their lessons, will also benefit from our support: By tools for online education. By healthy and hygienic meals from a renovated school kitchen. By a new intermediate home for refugees, which will later serve as a youth center. Our projects will benefit refugees and local pupils, provide local employment opportunities - an aid to the region in multiple ways.

Simultaneously, we call for solidarity of universities across the world. Any of these institutions will be able to help out, without funding required, by opening their online classes and courses to the needy.

These plans provide grounds for a genesis of new way forward. A way for scientific society and the supporters of science and education, to take direct action in situations of deep societal demand. It may seem like a small step, but it is a realistic one. Its continuation is in your hands.

Sincerely yours,

Ferenc Krausz, initiator of S4P