"The NGO "Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation" was created in the fall of 2022 at the initiative of nine activists from the Batyovo Hromada of Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine with the aim of developing a creative civil society through the support and implementation of various youth initiatives."(

It is our main partner in the implementation of the projects we have initiated in Ukraine, whether in the western part or near the frontline.

Tabula Rasa
Together for Others

Thogether for Others

"Together for Others – T4O – [...] is founded on our belief that nothing is more important than people to care for one another, that the clear and strong need we can see in the world calls for concrete action, and that the best place to start is with those most vulnerable… Together for Others is the charity work stream of the non-profit organization “Strategy and Leadership”, founded in 2023." (

T4O has also become a steadfast partner across the ocean, helping us find supporters and sponsors in the USA as well.

Sir Peter Ustinov Stiftung

"The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation is a charitable foundation for children that was founded in 1999 by Sir Peter Ustinov and his son Igor Ustinov. The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation aims to create better living conditions for children and young people worldwide through access to education and creativity, thus promoting their personal development and giving them the chance of an independent future."(

Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation was one of the first supporters to sponsor our projects. Thanks to their help, we were able to launch SKOLA+ project. We hope that this support will continue in the future.

Sir Peter Ustinov Stiftung


“NGO “STAN” is a non-governmental organisation which utilises grassroots methods of informal education, emphasizing local initiatives and active citizenship, with a particular focus on vulnerable and marginalised groups.”(

In the Carpathian region, they collaborate closely with the local NGO "Tabula Rasa for the Future Generation" to foster the development of a creative civil society by supporting and implementing various youth initiatives.

Max Planck Foundation

"An inspiring idea will find supporters. Our founders shared this conviction when they started out in 2006. The Max Planck Foundation was born as a private, independent, non-profit self-organization of supporters of top-level science. It exclusively supports the Max Planck Society and its Max Planck and affiliated institutes."(

During our forming and founding period, the Max Planck Foundation offered us their support and served as a legal platform for the implementation of our initiatives.

Max Planck Foundation